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At Maven, We are not just a digital clinic. We’re a home that opens its doors to all women. A friend who meets you where you are, even when you’re too broke, busy, or overwhelmed to schlep anywhere. We are your best friend, your therapist, and your most intuitive self all rolled into one. We are a community. A haven. And we are relentless till you—and all women—have the support to feel and function at their best.

We believe that healthcare is a necessity, not a luxury. And that access to high quality healthcare is critical to improving women’s lives. For far too long, we have been left out of the conversation about our own health. No more. 

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Two years ago, Maven looked like any other startup. THAT playful sans serif font, primary colors, line weight icons, nothing to indicate that this healthcare app was different from any other healthcare app. When I came on as Design Director and Hanna Danielson came on as Art Director in early 2017 we immediately began brainstorming ways to make Maven come alive.

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We took a look at the healthcare landscape and found that there was no shortage of apps that their primary colors were blue and red.

We also saw two distinct directions healthcare apps take: either extremely stark, minimal, and cold, or extremely floral, pink, and traditionally feminine. Where was the middle ground? 

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We wanted to move away from using the muddied pinks as background colors, and brighten it up using light gray's and whites. This gave us a clean slate to build our palette off of.

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Knowing that we wanted to avoid being another red, blue, or purple app, we started to explore jewel tones. Hanna, our art director and I were both immediately drawn to a rich emerald green. Green is typically associated with harmony, freshness, health and has a strong correspondence with safety. There were all descriptors we'd want our product to emanate. Emerald in particular represents physical, emotional and mental equilibrium, bringing harmony to all areas of one’s life. We knew that this was going to be our main, grounding color. From there we shifted our focus to colors that would bring some warmth to the frigid healthcare landscape. We decided on a red/brown (affectionately called Terra Cotta) as our second grounding color. We finished up by adding three supporting colors, Cappuccino Foam, Pinkie and the Brain, and Mint Julep. We wanted to have a nice mix of darker, serious colors and light playful pastels. We chose a palette of grays and blacks to round out the set.  

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The next step was to liven up our icon suite. When I started at Maven we had a small library of icons that has since expanded to more than 500 icons. For Hanna and I, designing icons is always our favorite part of any project at Maven, and we wanted the visual style to reflect the fun that we were having making them. An ongoing challenge is being mindful that we are representing all people who identify as women and our icons should reflect that.


The final step of our rebrand was our first photoshoot. Our main goal for this photo shoot was to get a suite of photos that represented how easy it is to use Maven at home. We wanted to showcase a broad range of female emotion - from a group of girls getting along, supporting one another, to couples fighting, to women not being okay, because it's okay to not always be smiling and laughing.

We then applied these same styles and colors across our social feed and emails.