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Maven offers a suite of family benefits that advances women and new parents in the workforce—while helping companies reduce maternity-related healthcare costs and retain talent in the process. Bringing seamless fertility, maternity, and postpartum support to one unified platform, Maven delivers continuity of care that’s unprecedented in women’s and family health. Members receive a dedicated care coordinator and a personalized care team of Maven practitioners who support them through the entire patient experience—start to finish, no matter where they are in their family journey.

When a user signs up for a Maven Maternity account, they go through an extensive onboarding flow to build them a customized curriculum. We currently have 10 curriculums, spanning from fertility to pregnancy to adoption. We knew that we had to put together a design system for the pieces of content that make up a user's curriculum on the platform.


Every track is made up of a variety of content types; resources, forum posts, polls, quizzes, timely snippets, appointment prompts, etc. We wanted to create a system that was flexible enough to adjust as we add new content without requiring additional back-end work. We started with 4 card types, that could be adapted to each content type.

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Each type of card can be grouped together to make themes on a user's dashboard. Single action cards are used to direct users to different parts of our site, think for example, booking an appointment with you OB-GYN. Announcement cards are used to display information that don't necessarily require an action, think "what size your bump is this week". Direct action cards are used for taking action within your dashboard, think polls or direct user feedback. Visual content cards can display forum images, resource images, practitioner images, etc. Finally, list item cards are used to display a series of items that don't need much of a description, think resources or your care team members.

We'll continue to grow and adapt this system as Maven Maternity grows and develops.